We have the best to train the best.

At First Forensics we believe in equipping you with the tools needed to put you at the forefront of an investigation – knowledge is a huge part of that. Our passionate team of trainers know their specialised subjects inside out and are excited about identifying skills gaps and implementing courses that meet your needs.

Offering onsite, offsite and online training, we believe we cover all bases and can provide the training that works best for your organisation. We understand our client’s differing needs and our range of courses cover product user videos through to bespoke expert knowledge transfer.

What we specialise in

  • Manufacturer lead Certification training

    Manufacturer-lead training of the use and best practice of our Forensic Compass devices. All delegates are issued with a certificate proving competency once assessments are completed. FC Cellular is currently classroom based and FC Discovery is completed via our online learning portal Digital Learning Zone.

  • RFPS in Practice

    This course has been designed for those RFPS Technicians who have completed the initial two-week RFPS Technicians course. Delving deeper into all aspects of RFPS from successful survey preparation through to enhanced analysis of data, this course provides a much-needed practical hands-on element to compliment the foundation training for RFPS Technicians.

  • Router and Wi-Fi Forensics

    Understand what evidence can be gleaned from devices that communicate wirelessly. Learn what tools are available and how to forensically apply them to your investigations.

  • Bespoke Courses

    We have a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers all available to design a course to fit your requirements. With 10 years of teaching law enforcement, our understanding of the pitfalls faced during investigations allows us to pitch training courses at the right level for your learners. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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