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RFPS Survey and Assessment




4 days

About the Course

This practical course follows on from the RFPS in Practise course (RF3-C) and allows you to demonstrate your RFPS skills and knowledge by taking a formal assessment.

Plan and carry out a survey according to a set brief and produce an appropriate evidential report.

The course will also guide you on how to peer review an evidential report. The course will help you develop your skills in a real-world environment and provides a formal assessment of your methods and understanding.

  • Produce a plan for an RFPS Survey according to a given brief

  • Demonstrate your ability to complete the survey and interpret the results

  • Demonstrate your understanding of any issues that may have occurred during the survey and how they might affect your results

  • Create a peer reviewed evidential report after putting your plan into action

  • Write a peer review on a report produced by another delegate

  • Respond to questions and a defence statement based on your report.


RFPS in Practise

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