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Wi-Fi Router Data Analysis




3 days

About the Course

Learn how to interpret and understand detailed Wi-Fi router logs, including identification of advanced services. This course will also ensure you are performing active scanning in an effective way and teach you how to eliminate any collateral capture.

Learn how to tackle more complex router configurations and perform active scanning.

Building upon the Wi-Fi Router Data Acquisition foundation training (I1-C), this advanced course covers the analysis and in-depth interpretation of Wi-Fi router log files.

  • Understand advanced Wi-Fi theory and the behaviour of extended Wi-Fi networks

  • Advanced interpretation of router logs

  • Understand how to identify potential usage of services such as peer-to-peer and Bitcoin

  • Demonstrate how to write Wi-Fi RF survey statements in accordance with current national standards

  • Demonstrate how to perform active Wi-Fi scanning in a controlled manner.


Wi-Fi Router Data Acquisition

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