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RFPS in Practise




3 days

About the Course

Learn how to prepare and optimise your survey to maximise your opportunities to measure the cells of interest. You will learn techniques to identify why a cell might not have been recorded during your survey and how to use call data records to help understand and interpret your results. This course will also help you analyse co-location of devices, formulate a simple analysis of your data to assist with handset attribution and discuss Three location data records.

  • Prepare equipment and plan for an RFPS Survey to optimise time and maximise results

  • Understand why a cell expected to provide service at a location does not appear in survey data

  • Formulate a simple statistical analysis of survey results to assist handset attribution

  • Set objective and consistent parameters for co-location analysis

  • Construct logical and forensically-sound file management structure for RFPS files

  • Understand Three UK Location Data Records and how they differ from GPRS data.


6 months experience as an RF Technician
RFPS Foundation
RFPS Surveyor

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