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Using RFPS in Evidence




< 1 hour

About the Course

This course is for you if you want to know how RFPS can help your investigation, where it can be used, what to ask for and how to use it to support your case in court. The course is not technical and is aimed at the SIO, DMI and analyst rather than the RFPS practitioner.

Understand how RFPS can be used to assist an investigation and how it can be used in evidence.

This course explains, in a non-technical way, what RFPS can do and what its limitations are. You will be taught how RFPS can aid an investigation and how the results can be used in court.

You will learn:

  • What RFPS can do for your investigation

  • The limitations of relying on communications data analysis without RFPS support

  • The limitations of RFPS

  • What to ask for from an RF survey and what to expect back from the survey

  • How RFPS can be used evidentially in court.



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