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Wi-Fi Bootcamp (2024)




5 days

About the Course

This course will benefit digital forensic practitioners who wish to download Wi-Fi routers in a forensically- sound manner; progress Wi-Fi related investigative opportunities; learn how to interpret and understand detailed Wi-Fi router logs, including identification of advanced services and ensure you are performing active scanning in an effective way while eliminating any collateral capture.

  • Understand the fundamental operation and identifiers of Wi-Fi networks

  • Identify key evidential areas of interest

  • Identify the type of data typically held on Wi-Fi routers

  • Conduct Wi-Fi router downloads for common routers

  • Undertake a Wi-Fi RF survey, extract and analyse survey data

  • Understand advanced Wi-Fi theory and the behaviour of extended Wi-Fi networks

  • Advanced interpretation of router logs

  • Understand how to identify potential usage of services such as peer-to-peer and Bitcoin

  • Demonstrate how to write Wi-Fi RF survey statements in accordance with current national standards

  • Demonstrate how to perform active Wi-Fi scanning in a controlled manner.


Whilst there are no formal prerequisites for this 5 day classroom-based course, ideally you will have some basic knowledge of Wi-Fi.

Upcoming Dates

October 1st-4th

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