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Every case has unique needs, we aim to make your journey easy.

Our experts have spent the last ten years crafting services that are tailored to help you, by finding solutions. Our team of experts will be there to guide you through the process making sure you have a positive experience and outcome.

We have a wealth of knowledge that spans over decades and are the go-to specialists in these areas.


Our in-house experts can take Radio Frequency measurements, analyse historical call data and produce a court ready report detailing the location of a mobile phone at a particular time. 


We provide specialised knowledge to help you understand the importance of location evidence and how to apply it to your case. We can analyse CDRs to determine patterns linking phones together or confirming/refuting attribution and attend court as expert witnesses.

Court videos
Bespoke court videos

Investigations can often produce damning yet enormous amounts of information, which can be overwhelming for a jury. Our bespoke court videos take pieces of evidence such as CCTV, call data records, crime scene photographs, text messages, clothing analysis, etc. and create an easy-to-follow visual timeline of the evidence.  

These videos have been used in courts across the UK with great success in assisting a conviction. 


In my mind, this case would never have resulted in a conviction of any kind but for the work that went into the video compilation products. This was a complex jigsaw puzzle of a case. The products presented as slick and told the story of what occurred immaculately. 

Member of King's Counsel

Cell Site Analysis

Cell Site Analysis is the skill of historically locating a mobile phone at a particular time using Radio Frequency (RF) measurements and Call Data Records (CDRs). Using specialist equipment to take measurements at pertinent locations, it is possible to comment on the likelihood of a phone having been located in these areas at times of interest.

Mobile Phone Forensics

Mobile phones play a vital part in all modern-day investigations. These personal electronic devices hold a wealth of information about their user's past behaviours and potentially their future plans. Our mobile phone examiners have huge experience in gleaning live and deleted data from mobile devices.


Demystifying the area of digital forensics in court, our experts are extremely experienced in presenting evidence in a simple, trustworthy and professional manner.

CDR Analysis

Call Data Records (CDRs) contain every voice call, SMS and data connections made by a phone. Analysis of this data can show patterns of behaviour, highlight relationships and assist with attribution.

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