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Channel Scan

Updated: May 4, 2023

FC-X makes channel scans simple and cost effective.

Back at the start of the RFPS program over eleven years ago, we only had a few frequencies to consider between 2G and 3G. Fast forward to 2023 and we now have a grand total of up to 42 individual channels where cells could be lurking. Some of the cells could be stacked. This of course has become a major headache for the RF Surveyor. “How on earth am I meant to survey all these frequencies?” “I am going to need a van-load of kit to do this!”. “I am going to be overwhelmed by all this data.” And of course with 5G this will only likely get worse.

Then thrown into the mix is the issue of regular re-farming of frequencies. This is of course where TO’s decide to shuffle around their frequencies to try and provide the best service to their subscribers. Traditionally, the RF Surveyor has relied on channel locking in order to uncover any stacked cells. This has proven to be operationally challenging. We have to firstly remember the channel numbers to lock to and many of the 42 channels may of course not have any signal on them. We may start to think, why am I not getting a signal? Is my SIM working? Is the kit working? – All of this creates unnecessary stress and wasted operational time.

This brings us to the channel scan. Now many of us within the community have been aware of “scanners” but unfortunately their eye-watering price has restricted their use to a lucky few. Scanners can be used an intelligence tool to give the RF Surveyor a view on all the frequencies in play at a location. This means an optimised RFPS SIM-based survey can be performed and operational time is saved by not surveying “ghost frequencies” with no cells on them.

FC-X multi-network includes a channel scan at a price point which firmly places it in the reach of any RFPS Surveyor. It ensures you are always performing an optimised RFPS SIM survey. No more wasting time surveying multiple channels only to find nothing was recorded. FC-X will revolutionise how you do your surveys. By using the intelligence of the scanner and the factual SIM-based survey, the surveyor can leave the location with confidence that a thorough survey was performed.

The best part is, this method is already catered for in the National RFPS SOPs so you can implement it straight away.

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